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Our quality policy

  • Our customers’ needs are the foundation of our business. We want to be the customer’s first choice and therefore we work to ensure that every delivery is of the best quality at the right price.
  • We must meet all applicable requirements and constantly improve our way of working.
  • We have competent and professionally trained staff and we will carry out the work to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • We cooperate with reliable and service-oriented subcontractors.

Our environmental policy

  • We work actively to minimize our ecological footprint and the environmentally negative effects of our work.
  • We ensure that we have the right expertise in the organization through continuous training, exchange of experience and development of our way of working to achieve our environmental goals.
  • We are constantly working to keep fuel and energy consumption down.
  • We are committed to protect the environment by preventing pollution, fulfilling binding requirements and constantly improving the environmental management system.

Our work environment policy

  • We always strive for the work to be developing for all employees through an equal, safe, and stimulating work environment.
  • We have as a minimum requirement to comply with all laws and regulations.
  • Our staff will have the opportunity for personal development, influence, and influence of their own work situation.
  • We monitor and constantly develop our way of working to constantly minimize risks.